Server and PC management

Maintenance services that keep your business working just how it supposed to be.

let us take care of your IT systems

Systems Updates

There are so many updates in both hardware and software that they can be hard to keep up with. Our team devotes themselves to technology both in their personal and professional lives, so you can trust we know the newest and most powerful ways to secure your applications, security patches and information. Since malware (viruses,hacking tools, etc.) updates move at lightning speed, we stay on top of the trends so we can fight them off just as quickly. This is done as a remote service, and you’ll receive 24/7 monitoring.

Finding Bugs Before You Do

The best kind of problem is a problem that never has the chance to cause you grief. Let us swat down small nuisances before they grow into time-sucking organisms.We’ll try to do all of this from a distance, taking care of everything in the background (kind of like tech superheroes).

Back It U

Backing up is something people don’t really consider until it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you! Natural disasters, system failures and just plain human error strike us when we least expect it. Our image-based system allows for total recovery of it all. Our Network Attached Storage (NAS) device allows servers and workstations to be restored minimal interruption. We see countless businesses who leave themselves wide open to a whole host of risks that no one could predict. Successful companies prepare for as much as possible! We back up physical machines with a service using Windows and Linux.


Even the most stable and monitored IT systems can develop problems that need to be addressed. Tierra telecom can remotely access your organization’s systems in minutes and initiate remote IT support to address problems as they arise. When remote support isn’t enough, our engineers are available for onsite visits to assess problems and make repairs.


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