IT Infrastructure

Supporting clients in managing their infrastructure efficiently and bring significant value to their business

We take care that everything goes as it should.


We can take charge not only of the planning, but of the execution and monitoring of backup or backup copies of your servers. Both the data and the installation of the system should be restored in the same or in other hardware. We maintain both its physical and virtual servers, in addition to the management and administration of all types of RAID systems on servers and NAS.​


In current business it is necessary to have and maintain a local network for shared work. It allows workers to be always connected, to share files and folders, to work in a network ... Every business needs a network of work according to size, workers, type of work that is carried out, level of security ... That is why we analyze your needs and we propose the best solution.​


Tierra Telecom is a specialist in the computer maintenance of computers. We can offer comprehensive maintenance of your computers whether portable or fixed and even servers, and their complete computer systems.​


The constant use of the computer equipment in environments where infinity of factors can alter its functioning with it slowing down, making it unstable and even dangerous the computer systems, we make a set-up of all its systems repairing and preventing all the possible failures for ensure that you only worry about your work and do not "fight" with your computer.


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